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IOD Model Boat Construction Documentation

The following pages include:

1) A 32 page IOD Assembly Manual for fiberglass hull buyers
This manual is helpful to all IOD model makers as it has a lot
of the history of the IOD Class and other important information.
2) Information for IOD Plank-on-Frame Model Builders.
3) Vintage model boat hardware sources
4) AMYA 36/600 Class information
5) Converting drawings to popular scales

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| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 |

End of the IOD Assembly Manual

Painting with Brushes Basics

A 3-page article titled "Basics of Brush Painting" by Jeff Wilson
was published in the May, 2002, edition of Fine Scale Modeler.

The article is available in PDF format by downloading from the Fine Scale Modeling web site via the following URL:

The article addresses brush painting issues, techniques, and equipment
in the context of building plastic models. However, the information can
be applied to wooden ship models as well. The primary difference is
that wood requires primer/sealer and sanding between coats.

Mike Graff submitted this article to Seaways Shipmodeling List.
SeawaysShipmodelingList is available at
There are many good articles and a Practicum on how to build the
Sakonnet Daysailer kit model that is a plank-on-frame project that
would be a good "warm up" project before doing the IOD models.

IOD 36" r/c deep keel fin and bulb models

IOD 36" fin and bulb kell r/c models are made with profile,
frames and decks like IOD 36" display models.

IOD 36" display and r/c models under construction

IOD 36" true-to-scale models

IOD 36" plank-on-frame models

The profile and frames approach uses the deck to
hold the frames in alignment while the IOD 36" r/c models
use a building board like the one shown below.

IOD 36" r/c deep keel models are made with
band sawn frames set up on a construction board.

IOD Winch Placements

Two jib winches on deck and one spinnaker halyard winch on the cabin top are recommended.

IOD frames can be adjusted for virtually any planking thickness

The band sawn frames are made to the outside edge of the boat's lines drawings. Thus, the width of the planking makes the model slightly wider than exactly to-scale. The following photos show the beam of an IOD 36" scale model that would normally have a 7.25" to-scale beam. If using 1/8" planking, the model would be .25" wider than to-scale.

There are several ways to accommodate the planking thickness. One way is by a percentage reduction to the whole set of lines. But, this does not provide a uniform reduction due to the curved lines.

A more accurate option for to-scale models is to reduce the width of the planking thickness on the center line for each half of each frame. The following two images show the different results.

In the left image, Frame 10 was reduced 3% and overlayed on the regular size Frame 10. The keel area is not reduced for the planking thickness.
In the right image, half of Frame 10 has 1/8" removed on the center line and overlayed on the regular size Frame 10.
The reduction for the planking thickness on the center line of each half provides a more accurate to-scale model.

I provide IOD model frames reduced by any percentage requested at no additional charge. I charge $25 additional for cutting away the planking thickness on the center line of each frame for your planking thickness. That is due to the extra time required to make the changes. For display models, the slots in the profile are replaced with an etched line. For r/c models, the two half frames are joined after the planking thickness is removed from each half.

For more accurate to-scale models, each frame has the outside edges reduced for the thickness of the chosen planking. This is a very time consuming process which we can do by special order only. Please contact me for a quote.

Vintage Model Hardware from Mike Zellanack

The following are from

Turnbuckle for stays, 15 segments of line, fairleads for sheets

Gooseneck for grooved masts, headboard for grooved masts

Mike Zellanack
4784 49th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
727 526-4212;

Goldspar Aluminum Masts from Ray Osmun

Aluminum masts with grooves for luff rope are available
in black and the original gold anodized finish
from Ray Ozmun. Email to
Ozmun Design
3608 Fox Rd
Huron, OH 44839
Phone & Fax 419-433-3025

1-5 72 masts_$25 each, 6 72"_$120, 12 72"_$216
Shipping tube_$10, Postage and handling:
1-2 mast_$15, 3-5_$17, 6-11_$20, 12-14_$25

IOD 36" models comply with AMYA 36/600 Class

Click for AMYA 36" Class rules.

Email Jay Barnes, the AMYA 36/600 Class Secretary

Jay Barnes with #30 - 36/600 Class Secretary

1105 S. Tonopah Drive
Cottonwood, AZ 86326-4342
928 300-1226

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